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Hi, I'm Jan!

As a child I scribbled on every piece of paper I got my hands on: newspapers, shopping lists, tax returns, etc. The urge to draw is still alive and kicking.

I want to create things that others can identify with and which decorate the daily routine. I find inspiration in the mundane splendor of everyday life. Check out my prints!

After several international stopovers in ad agencies and design companies I found my home in Berlin - here I work as an illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker.

In case you need fun illustrations and/or fancy design:

Please feel free to ...


Let's get social - feel free to contact me for inquiries and comissions!

I'm a studied illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. I have worked as such in the US, Spain, and Germany.
If you are looking for fun illustrations and/or fancy design - feel free to drop me a line at

You also find me on:
Instagram / Facebook / Behance / LinkedIn / Xing

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