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Coco Nutjob Sticker

Coco Nutjob Sticker

Robust round (9,5 cm) two-color outdoor-quality sticker.


Coco Nutjob the crazy racer sprints along the boardwalk. This speeding squirrel loves the wind breezing through its fleece while sipping on some fresh coconut juice.


Coco's favourite track while cruising down the street: Snoop Dogg's "Gin & Juice"!

  • General Info

    - Printed in Germany

    - No squirrel was harmed during the production of this item

  • Material

    - Outdoor-quality adhesive foil

    - White, glossy finish

    - Diameter: 9,5 cm

  • Inks

    - Orange & blue

    - Colors may vary depending on your computer screen

2,00 €Price
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