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Itadakimasu Sticker

Itadakimasu Sticker

Robust round (9,5 cm) two-color outdoor-quality sticker.


"Itadakimasu" (いただきます) is what you say in japanese just before enjoying a meal. It humbly expresses your thankfulness for receiving and sharing food. A little bit like: "Thanks for the food!", "Let's eat!" or "Bon appétit!".

The wonderful people from Tofugo wrote a great explanation of the term: The Meaning of Itadakimasu


I really like the idea of an octopus as a sushi master serving bits with its tentacles - it was great fun drawing it, too!

  • General Info

    - Printed in Germany

    - No octopus was harmed during the production of this item

  • Material

    - Outdoor-quality adhesive foil

    - White, glossy finish

    - Diameter: 9,5 cm

  • Inks

    - Red & blue

    - Colors may vary depending on your computer screen

2,00 €Price
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