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Space Bunny Sticker

Space Bunny Sticker

Robust round (9,5 cm) two-color outdoor-quality sticker.


Discover the amazing adventures of Bugsy Borealis the space bunny and his cosmic comrade the carrot rocket. Together they travel to the most distant galaxies and explore the taproots of deep space.


Bugsy's favourite tune while gliding through space is: "Bowie's in space"!

  • General Info

    - Printed in Germany

    - No octopus was harmed during the production of this item

  • Material

    - Outdoor-quality adhesive foil

    - White, glossy finish

    - Diameter: 9,5 cm

  • Inks

    - Orange & Blue

    - Colors may vary depending on your computer screen

2,00 €Price
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